Q-see Connector Problem Repair for BNC Security Cameras

An Simple repair for Safety Cameras that cut-out or have a poor image at instances. This pertains to All Safety Programs that use BNC connectors.
Replace: You may additionally should tighten the connectors on the again of the DVR, as effectively. Learn on..
Additionally, after you tighten and join the connectors, attempt to spin them. in the event that they spin simply, tight them once more.

A tip of the hat to CHUCK PAV for this extra remark:

One other repair that I’ve run throughout is for the facility connection. Utilizing Stanley crimping pliers (the one with the prong to crimp a butt connector) take the male finish of the facility cable (the one which plugs into the digital camera) about 1/3 of the way in which from the outer finish and put a SMALL (small) dimple on the steel jacket of the connector. This may tighten the inside barrel for the middle pin and in addition make the outer jacket oval for a greater connection as effectively.

Created by Rick Chaisse