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Its important to know who is at your door!
This door phone intercom system can provide a secure, stable and private signal with the latest chip. The 2.4G digital frequency ensures a strong and stable signal transmission.It can be installed on various kinds of doors (beside the door), which shows the signal strength and can be used freely in any place where there are stable signals.

The out-door unit can be easily connected with the electric lock, enjoying the function of power saving and unlocking. All the above are wireless connections, can be simply installed, and conveniently used. It makes visual intercom and one-press unlocking become possible. By using it, the users do not need to run to the door to open it directly.



This system can be used in apartments,villas,hotels and offices etc. It can be used to replace the traditional peephole, or be installed in the door after the hole is made.
For better taking advantage of the prior functions please carefully read our instruction for correct installation and operation.

  • It has 2.4G all-digital frequency hopping and encryption technique, whose unobstructed effective range is 200 meter(ideal condition)with strong anti-interference ability.
  • The outdoor unit has clear infrared night vision, which could monitor and shoot the images in dark.
  • 7 inch or 3.5 inch colorful LCD is used in the indoor unit to display images.
  • Hands-free calling and intercom functions are equipped and the electric lock can be remotely controlled.
  • There are 12 -16 built-in chord music ringtone, and the ringtone and volume can be selected.
  • The indoor unit can automatically take photos with time, and store about 100 photos.
  • The brightness, sound volume of calling and ringtone of the indoor unit can be adjusted.
  • The indoor and outdoor both use the BL-5J lithium battery which is convenient to buy.
  • The standby time of indoor unit is one to two months, and can also work with power plugged in.
  • Outdoor controller can unlock under the condition of both powered on and off.
  • Max: 1camera+3 monitors.


$_10 (1)

This doorphone intercome system can provide a secure,stable and private signal with the latest chip. The 2.4GHz digital frequency ensures a strong and stable signal transmission.With the 0.3Mega pixel camera, the image is very clear on display. It can save about 100photos automatically. What’s more, the previous photos will be covered automatically when the built-in memory card is full.

This door phone intercom adopts advanced touch technology and it looks fashionable and Luxury. The touch panel is made of Piano bakes lacquer to make the press buttons more sensitive.The ultrathin LCD display feels light and convenient with the piano bakes lacquer panel also looking more fashionable, elegant and luxury.

The back-hang design also is one of the advantages, which make the monitor be installed more easily and convenient. It can be hanged not only on the wall or wall cabinet. besides with Bracket is convenient on the desk ,end table or dinning table and anywhere do you want.

The infared LEDs built-in the outdoor unit are used for night vision. You can see the image at night or even in the dark to meet your needs.


Indoor Monitor
Monitor Screen 7” wide angle TFT LCD, 16:9 Display
Resolution 480*RGB*234
Power input AC100V-240V 50Hz-60Hz
Delay Calling time 100S ± 10%
Delay Monitoring time 60S ± 10%
lithium battery 1320mAh; 3.7V
Dimensions 225*130*20mm(L*W*H)
Net Weight 460g
$_10 (2)
Outdoor Camera
Night Vision IR Light, visible within 5 meters
Vision Angle 92°
Resolution > 420 TV Line
Power Consumption Standby: 0.1W; Working: 4W
Working temperature -10℃~+55℃
Installation Wall mounted
Dimensions 168*110*65mm(L*W*H)
Net Weight 310g
 $_10 (3)


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